Project management


GLT+ offers the management of all the aspects of a development project pertaining to specific needs. Our implication from the very beginning, as well as throughout the entire process of design and construction, facilitates the optimal development of a project.


By establishing and implementing the realisation strategy, GLT+ ensures, together with the client, that it is respected by all actors along each step of the way. By coordinating and controlling the technical data and organizational facets of the project, GLT+ ensures, from conception right through construction and start-up that the project respects the needs, budgetary envelope and schedules agreed upon.



Analysis and Planning


  • Preliminary studies
  • Pro forma
  • Preliminary estimates
  • Implement design and management procedures
  • Plan all project costs (global budgets, professional mandates, etc.)
  • Plan the design and construction schedules
  • Value engineering




  • Accompany the client with governmental and municipal service procedures
  • Coordinate, control and validate the design




  • Coordinate, prepare and issue tender documents
  • Analyse quotations, negotiate and administer contract to general contractor
  • Value engineering
  • Conduct site meetings
  • Cost control
  • Schedule control
  • Quality control




  • Coordinate project closing documents
  • Accompany the client throughout the process leading to taking possession of the building